With a $200 budget in May for a one-weekend-only 30-minute play, resident actors in this production received a $50 micro-stipend for this 3-week, 3x/week rehearsal process. We are independent and underground. We don’t have big pockets, but it doesn’t matter. We give what we have and continue to puzzle how to give more. We always compensate our artists. Thanks to all our sponsors! Art Rat is not built for the mainstream. We see and refuse colonial-capitalist values. When making money is not a priority, but compensating artists is, how to do that is the interesting question. Art Rat asserts it is possible, and will continue to pioneer this reality. Our community is independents, alternatives, radicals, systematically marginalized talents. Everything counts.
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Hello! Come see me try to be free and brave as I can be, think of it as Art Rat Tv. I think we all should and could find our own version of freedom and that is why I turn to theatre among other things. What do you turn to? How is your day by the way? Do not really know what else to say . If you do come and see the show I hope you leave with something that you like. Let me know :)
Connecting with folks I wouldn’t have ever connected with in a very involved way, in their bedrooms, with their phones. Right now, it’s hard to lay a foundation as you would in a room in terms of communication, commitment, and intimacy, with the curves of the digital- ness and Generally just without sharing space, but you gain the specificities of your work, the work you bring I totally be room. I love dealing with this work that feels relative to me and my moment now. It’s opportunist and all of ArtRats work will be close to your heart as well.
Rose Kim
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Anna Jack Tess
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Karina Rodriguez
Currently, figuring what more I can add into my sphere, I am an artist, poet, producer and BIG BIG BIG supporter of POC work. This piece, pulls my heartstrings in many ways and it’s not unlike myself to find it difficult to separate myself from the character. I’m happy to have ArtRat around and thriving, giving POC artists an opportunity to have and take space. It’s been a soul scrub. Thanks for coming through.
Bhargav Kothi is grateful to be apart of this play (thanks Rose) and this amazing journey during this quarantine! Bhargav first started off in modeling and theater in 2011, has been acting in theater, commercials and film ever since. He loves it and can’t see himself doing anything else. He thanks everyone that watched the play:)
Hello. Nice to see you here. I’m 25 and obsessed with my crafts. I hope you remember me as someone who makes the theatre you like. By the way, I just wrote my first book, a docu-diary inspired by my 25th birthday. Pre-0rder to save some moneys! I’ll cover your shipping!
Rehearsals have been terrifying, exhilarating, stimulating growth that kind of hard pressure... show up and leave different. Try being different kind of growth. Reinforced with a generous invitation to be true to the body to not twist into convenience. To know your shit and be ok with being seen in a way that makes you feel so naked you can't help but cover yourself up at first but when you remember to breathe in and out mouth to nose aware of the chest it gets easier to show up. Glad I showed up for the opportunity I can only imagine what these spaces must feel like when everyone is PRESENT trying to do the work and commit to something.
We have made amazing breakthroughs in the field of acting , during this process. My favorite recent lesson learned: once you know what you’re doing in a scene, you’ve got to work even harder; because now, the issue is not your knowledge. The issue is you’re fighting your own comfortability. You must conquer you by freeing you—let loose. Breathe thru the fears.
Art Rat is a place where one can be weird and not feel judged. It is a place where you can be free to try something new and a place that challenges anything you think you know. It is place that gets you to think in a new way and it is an ideal place to get you out of your comfort zone!
Bhargav Kothi
Karina Rodriguez is 23 years old and she is currently learning what it truly means to be an adult. Learning more about what interests her and how she can hone her craft. Acting has always been an escape for her and although it can be intimidating, she is learning how to make it her own. Karina learns so much through storytelling and finds it the best way to represent what happens around us. It helps us relate and see ourselves through different lenses. This show has been a journey and seeing how to bring a show to life without ever being in the same room has been amazing. A person learns to be creative and learns new ways of telling a story.
AJ Arzaluz
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Antonieta Carpio