Find creative home at a warehouse/studio/theater in Anaheim, CA.

photo by Ann Nguyen

Looking for 4 actors/artists to work on a new performance directed by Rose Kim (@rosek1m), previously the co-founder and Artistic Director of Millennial Theater.

Rolling basis; open until roles are filled.
If you’re interested, let’s schedule time to meet!
DM Me: @rosek1m / @artratgram

Minimum commitment:
3 months
20 rehearsal hours per month (~5 hrs a week)
Stipend; 300/month

3 resident company members
– actors / dancers / performers (music, stand-up, improv, stunts, etc.)
– POC preferred. Allies welcome.

You may come prepared with your favorite monologue. You don’t have to.
“Auditions” are not conventional.
>> Will mainly involve a few improvisatory exercises.
>> Please come dressed to move (if able).
>> Please bring your work schedule with you if any.

You may be recorded/photographed for a concurrent documentary project.

Email to schedule a good time.

1 resident video/photographer
– POC preferred. Allies welcome.

Please come prepared with photo and video samples.Email for interview appointments.