What am I doing with this?

I’d like to invite you to explore – with me – what it means to be “works in process”. Prioritizing Process over Product, I am documenting and sharing as manifest of those values.

  • How does a 20-something artist create the theatre company of her dreams?
  • How do i create an alternative space? What is alternative about it?
  • What about money?

I anticipate these videos will document me navigating thru alllll that. . . . . . and then some………..

Episode 2! Rehearsal Two!

EP.2 PROCESSING… | “Can you fall in love without believing it?”

U guys. The videos just keep getting better and we are finding our groove. Time is passing by, and we are transforming slowly but surely. GET INSIDE REHEARSAL NUMBER TWOOO. WE ARE RADICALLY OPENING UP OUR THEATRE PROCESS.
“Building from the ground up.” — @antonietacarpio
P.S …….. Did you know we only we have nine rehearsals left… o_o

* * *

ℙ𝕣𝕠𝕔𝕖𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕟𝕘. . . — A short film series directed by our resident artist Quoc Quan Le. Every episode provides a look into a week of our work & process as we build a new performance, opening in December.

New episode every Sundays!

#8…9..& 10. a three-in-one special

Self taped. / Aug 11-31st.

The Timeline

I. August

Official residencies are offered to 4 artists, to create Art Rat’s first theatre company.

Rose + 4 other artists collaborate to devise a new energizing, radical performance to premiere in December.

Each resident artist is compensated with a monthly stipend of $300/month.

Every contribution or letter of support counts.
Thank you for being with us.

Donations help us afford to appear in more locations ,
+ enable us to continue deep work.. Believe in us!

Make an individual donation with the QR code above!

Click the button to donate via paypal!

II. September

Rehearsals begin!

Every Art Rat artist commits to community service at least once a month for a minimum of 3 hours.

If you, as an individual, or as representative of another business or organization could use a day of voluntary help from five spunky artists, send an email!

Nobody thrives in a vacuum.

III. December

It’s ~*show time~*.

Our current budget is for 3 shows out of our creative home in Anaheim, CA.

Follow our process & journey every up until then!

& — Look out for our Epic Spectacular Crowd Funding Fundraising Extravaganza (LMAO) before then!

We will need your help to PUT UP MORE SHOWS!!! Outside of Anaheim. Into LA. Into O.C. Into your backyard, living room, etc.

We really taking this thing to the streets, friends.
We taking our magic to the streeets.

Find us active on instagram.

#7. a bunch of video/film werk

Self taped. / Featuring Jose Hernandez (@ventureworksfilm) / July 22-Aug 2nd.

the best part of starting anything:

what week 7 will feel like when it’s week SEVENTY!

– @artratgram

#6. The Workshop, first footage.

Shot and cut by Quoc Quan Le.

Featuring Nikelola Balogun, Matt Gottlieb, David Ibrahimi, Rose Kim, Earnest Lynch, Ash Mehta, Maria Oliveira.

July 21st.