#8…9..& 10. a three-in-one special

Self taped. / Aug 11-31st.

#7. a bunch of video/film werk

Self taped. / Featuring Jose Hernandez (@ventureworksfilm) / July 22-Aug 2nd.

the best part of starting anything:

what week 7 will feel like when it’s week SEVENTY!

– @artratgram

#6. The Workshop, first footage.

Shot and cut by Quoc Quan Le.

Featuring Nikelola Balogun, Matt Gottlieb, David Ibrahimi, Rose Kim, Earnest Lynch, Ash Mehta, Maria Oliveira.

July 21st.


What am I doing with this?

I’d like to invite you to explore – with me – what it means to be “works in process”. Prioritizing Process over Product, I am documenting and sharing as manifest of those values.

  • How does a 20-something artist create the theatre company of her dreams?
  • How do i create an alternative space? What is alternative about it?
  • What about money?

I anticipate these videos will document me navigating thru alllll that. . . . . . and then some………..