The Timeline

I. August

Official residencies are offered to 4 artists, to create Art Rat’s first theatre company.

Rose + 4 other artists collaborate to devise a new energizing, radical performance to premiere in December.

Each resident artist is compensated with a monthly stipend of $300/month.

Every contribution or letter of support counts.
Thank you for being with us.

Donations help us afford to appear in more locations ,
+ enable us to continue deep work.. Believe in us!

Make an individual donation with the QR code above!

Click the button to donate via paypal!

II. September

Rehearsals begin!

Every Art Rat artist commits to community service at least once a month for a minimum of 3 hours.

If you, as an individual, or as representative of another business or organization could use a day of voluntary help from five spunky artists, send an email!

Nobody thrives in a vacuum.

III. December

It’s ~*show time~*.

Our current budget is for 3 shows out of our creative home in Anaheim, CA.

Follow our process & journey every up until then!

& — Look out for our Epic Spectacular Crowd Funding Fundraising Extravaganza (LMAO) before then!

We will need your help to PUT UP MORE SHOWS!!! Outside of Anaheim. Into LA. Into O.C. Into your backyard, living room, etc.

We really taking this thing to the streets, friends.
We taking our magic to the streeets.

Find us active on instagram.

about this calendar:



* * *


“art rat” in part exudes this very…gutteral…search…for people, places, things that feed our appetites. we are hungry. we are looking.


Ever since i moved back to LA several months ago, i’ve been digging around the internet and driving and peeking my head into into as many potential spots for cool artists, cool work.

Certain spaces take more effort to discover. i’m talking spaces run by or filled with authentic, dope people decolonizing their shit. coupling that with hopes of non-white-dominant creative zones.

That’s the basics i’m looking for. that’s the people i’m trying to be around. that’s the kind of foundation i plan to build this company on.

Anyway, the listings on this calendar are the events i’ve found from my deep scourings of the web.
these are the events i plan to go to, to find out. there’s only way to do it, you know? Showing up. Showing out.

More and more, i know what i’m looking for.
maybe you’ve been looking for the same.




coming soon to the calendar!!!!!
> open office hours at the studio (June 2019)

tell me about your event! your show! your go-to! 
what’s GOOD?