hi i’m a calendar with shameless special focus on independent, accessible, non-mainstream POC-lifting people/places/things. (mobile-friendly version)

about this calendar:
“art rat” in part exudes this very…gutteral…search…for people, places, things. i BEEN hunting for certain spaces that can be hard to find.

i’m talking spaces run by authentic, dope people decolonizing their shit. non-white-dominant creative zones………

that’s what i’m looking for.
these are the events i’ve found from my deep scourings of the web.
these are the events i plan to go to. there’s only way to find out, you know?

i know what i’m looking for.
have you been looking for the same?

coming soon to the calendar!!!!!
> open office hours at the studio (June 2019)

tell me about your event! your show! your go-to!
i’d love to make it. | rose.artrat@gmail.com

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