Hey, my name is Jasmine Washington (she/her/hers) and I'm a theatre artist from Sacramento, CA. This summer, I will be working with Art Rat Theatre to further develop Callus, a play I began writing back in 2017 at UC Davis. Callus delves into racial disparities in the health care system, the politics of coping, and the impact of systematic oppression on Black families. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes increasingly important to create a dialogue around the health inequities Black folks experience and I hope Callus helps facilitate those conversations.


Hi, I’m Rose - founder of Art Rat. I was able to participate in “Callus” when it first showed at UCD. Knowing that a play existed by a young adult Black theatre artist’s voice on a Black experience in our health care systems, I approached Jasmine earlier this year, asking where she was at with this play. When she shared with me her continued interest in developing it, I offered her a Guest Artist Residency and I was so honored that she accepted! This will be Art Rat’s second play this 2nd season (2020), and the third overall.

To be clear, I think it is inappropriate for a non-Black director to be directing this story. Non-Black directors should not at all feel comfortable helming Black-centered stories. At this time, Art Rat is the only theatre company looking to produce Jasmine’s play and we are/I am lucky to have the trust of Jasmine to be a vehicle for it. As part of her residency, Jasmine will be heavily actively involved in the process, decisions, perspective and all. One danger is a non-Black director co-opting this play to manifest her/their own vision of what this story should be. With this production, I will actively work to serve, instead of usurp. I am committed to amplifying Jasmine’s story and the Black actors coming together to tell it with ALL due respect to THEIR lived experiences. We will practice a radical “actor-director-writer” ship in which actors are asked to show up with FULL agency, and the director is asked to show up self-effacing while the writer is present, vocal and influential throughout. My goal is to take care and foster growth ruled by self-determination. We are looking for actors we can trust this story to. We are looking to build a team able to brave these less-than-ideal circumstances!

Time Commitment: 13 hours/week. Weekday evenings & Weekends. Rehearsals start July 1st.

Run: Sep 5, 6, 12, 13

Auditions will be Group Auditions

via Zoom on Fri & Sat June 26-27.

Auditions are structured as follows:

1) group warm up

2) group exercises in a workshop style

3) working with text.

Actors will be given a short excerpt from the play to read over and prepare — which will be delivered to you with your audition slot!

The Summer 2020 Company will rehearse for 2 months, to digitally produce and present a working latest version of “Callus” in early September. You will need access to webcam device, Zoom, internet, and a peaceful/workable setting. Please get in touch with us if accessing any of these is an issue. Let us try to help 🙏

Hello! I’m Jillian, now entering my fourth year at UC Davis as a Theatre & Dance and International Relations double major, with a minor in Japanese. I worked with Rose and Jasmine during “The Bluest Eye” and I was especially excited when Rose reached out to me because I had watched Callus two years ago when Jasmine was about to graduate. While working with Art Rat Theatre, I hope to further develop my abilities as a stage manager, but most importantly to serve the artists that create these critical narratives and facilitate conversation and awareness of issues of power and privilege.



All slots have been filled.

Any questions, hit us up

[email protected]

acknowledgments & decolonizing the director:


7 Black actors to play all principle characters.

3~4 actors to play a variety of non-principle characters; BIPOC actors encouraged. Allies welcome as always.

All our company members for every show are compensated with micro-stipends of $50~300, budget allowing.