K/Aj/R 2p

K/B/An 7p


House count:

run time: 30 minutes

free to view, donations welcome

A bitter love triangle play Rose (@rosek1m) wrote 6 years ago. Revamped with contributing edits from Myah Daniels (@mdaniels15).

“how shall we act in a digital theatre form?”

Under Rose’s direction, the actors approach the webcamera box as place, like a theater or a warehouse or a park is a place.

To perform at any of these places, you are keen on your boundaries and you play with them. You are aware of the frame the audience sees you in, and you play with it.

To be clear, our work is not attempting to make the webcamera an aesthetic. Nor are we digging for spectacle-making webcamera gimmicks for show.

Our work is actor work.

During this rehearsal process, Art Rat is developing acting techniques for, and actor relations to, The Streaming Webcamera — for simple and evocative affect.

We attempt an experimental actor training process to suit the webcamera place.

This is not filmed.

This is not edited.

This is live and this is theatre.




R/B/An 2p

K/AJ/R 7p